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The Internet Can't Get Over Robin Roberts Trolling Omarosa With 'Bye, Felicia'

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 10:51

"She has a story to tell and I'm sure she'll be selling that story"

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Joe Biden: How the Sandy Hook Families Give Me Strength

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 10:51

'Around Christmas, I remember my daughter Naomi and my son Beau—just as I know the Sandy Hook families do'

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One Possible, Surprising Victim of Net Neutrality Repeal? Health Care

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 10:36

One Possible, Surprising Victim of Net Neutrality Repeal? Health Care

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Brain cells develop more mutations as we age

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 10:18

By Will Boggs MD (Reuters Health) - Brain cells - neurons - develop gene mutations over the course of a lifetime, contributing to normal aging and potentially presenting a target for treatments that stave off dementia and other types of cognitive decline, researchers say. The team developed a way to sequence the genomes of individual neurons, which allowed them to see what changes are normal and also what happens in specific brain diseases. "The work is at a very early stage,” senior study author Dr. Christopher A. Walsh from Harvard Medical School in Boston told Reuters Health by email.

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Democrats Want Doug Jones in the Senate Now. Here's Why That's Not Going to Happen

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 09:47

Democrats won big with Doug Jones' victory in Alabama Tuesday. Now, they are fighting to have him seated as soon as possible

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David Attenborough Warns: Sixth Mass Extinction Is Imminent

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 09:46

The beloved Planet Earth narrator isn't optimistic.

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Aging Process: Scientists Look to Short-Lived Fish to Find Anti-Aging Secrets For Humans

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 09:34

In March 2018, experimental biologist Itamar Harel will open a research lab at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to study the killifish, according to news site ISRAEL21c. Harel told Newsweek that it's the shortest-lived vertebrate that can still be grown in a lab. The killifish's aging process shares a number of similarities to our own.

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2 Police Officers Shot in the Chest Were Saved by Bulletproof Vests

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 09:31

The police were engaged in a standoff

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Giant, human-size penguins once roamed Earth, researchers say

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 09:30

Giant penguins, standing over 5 feet tall and weighing more than 220 pounds, may have roamed Earth some 60 million years ago, according to new research. Scientists on Tuesday said they discovered fossils of an ancient penguin that may have stood 5 foot 7 — nearly the height of the average American male — and weighed about 225 pounds, according to a Nature Communications research report. It would dwarf the emperor penguin, the biggest penguin today, which is less than 4 feet tall.

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Full Autopsy Reports in Unsolved Killings of 8 Family Members Will Not Be Released

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 09:28

8 members of the Rhoden family were killed in April 2016

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Scientists solve speed surprise in stratospheric stunt

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 08:29

Scientists say they've figured out why an Austrian who became the first skydiver to break the speed of sound fell faster than the drag of his body should have allowed

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Here's what Elon Musk has to say about Donald Trump’s plan to send Americans to the moon and Mars

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 08:28

The SpaceX boss publicly supported the president’s most recent space announcement.

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This Is When the FCC Net Neutrality Vote is Happening — and How You Can Watch It

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 07:10

The landmark Federal Communications Commission (FCC) vote on net neutrality is taking place from 10.30 a.m. E.T. today

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The Biggest Controversies From Betsy DeVos' First Year

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 07:00

From school choice to campus sexual assault

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Ancient Skeleton With an Arrow in Its Chest Discovered Downtown in European City

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 06:40

Archaeologists excavating a medieval grave in Bulgaria discovered an unidentified body with an arrow in its chest. The grave, in the southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, is dated to around the 11th or 12th century. The gender of the deceased has not been specified, but archaeologists believe that the arrow was either the cause of death, or was placed there afterward symbolically, according to Archaeology in Bulgaria.

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How Faith Helped My Son After He Survived Sandy Hook

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 06:00

Sophfronia Scott, author of 'This Child of Faith,' and her family turned to religion after her son Tain Gregory survived the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

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Climate change experts emitted 30,000 tonnes of CO2 flying to conference, NASA expert says

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 05:25

More than 25,000 scientists flew to New Orleans

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Three-man crew returns from space station: NASA TV

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 05:18

(Reuters) - A capsule carrying U.S., Russian and Italian astronauts from the International Space Station landed in Kazakhstan on Thursday after a five-month mission, a NASA TV live broadcast showed. The spacecraft brought back Randy Bresnik from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Sergey Ryazanskiy from Russian space agency Roscosmos, and Italy's Paolo Nespoli with the European Space Agency. The capsule landed in the windswept and snow-covered steppe in Kazakhstan's central Karaganda region at 2.37 p.m. (0837 GMT). ...

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Epic Gingerbread House Fails Are Your New Favorite Holiday Tradition

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 05:17

People around the world are getting into the festive spirit by attempting to create their own gingerbread houses.

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