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Limited Competition: Continuation of the Center for Genomic Studies on Mental Disorders (U24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Tue, 06/11/2019 - 08:25
Funding Opportunity RFA-MH-20-215 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. Through this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) seeks applications to develop, sustain, enhance, and enrich a centralized national biorepository for genetic studies of psychiatric disorders for facilitation and acceleration of the scientific understanding of the genetic risk architecture underlying mental disorders. This effort is expected to involve a functionally integrated, multi-disciplinary team that will provide for open sharing of biosamples and data resources through a single, centralized, national resource to advance basic and translational research in the genetics of mental disorders.
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Aging, Driving and Early Detection of Dementia (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

Tue, 06/11/2019 - 06:43
Funding Opportunity RFA-AG-20-022 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites applications to conduct new research on automobile technology for signaling early signs of cognitive impairment in older drivers.
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Clinical Studies of Mental Illness (Collaborative R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

Mon, 06/10/2019 - 10:47
Funding Opportunity PAR-19-297 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) seeks to support collaborative clinical studies, not involving treatment development, efficacy, or effectiveness trials. Primary areas of focus include mental health genetics, biomarker studies, and studies of mental illnesses (e.g., psychopathology, neurodevelopmental trajectories of psychopathology) also when associated with HIV/AIDS. Applicants should apply to this FOA when two or more sites are needed to complete the study. Accordingly, the collaborating studies share a specific protocol across the sites and are organized as such in order to increase sample size, accelerate recruitment, or increase sample diversity and representation. In studies with a large number of sites, it is expected that one site will be submitted as a coordinating R01 for data management and/or other centralized administration.
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Research to Understand and Inform Interventions that Promote the Research Careers of Individuals in the Biomedical Sciences (R01 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Fri, 06/07/2019 - 10:58
Funding Opportunity PAR-19-295 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages solicits applications that propose research designed to test training, mentoring, and networking interventions intended to enhance research-oriented individuals' interest, motivation, persistence and preparedness for careers in the biomedical research workforce. Funded projects are expected to produce research findings that will guide the design and implementation of potential interventions in a variety of academic settings and career levels to enhance the diversity of the biomedical research workforce.
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Reminder: Expiration of FY2014 Grant Funds

Fri, 06/07/2019 - 09:23
Notice NOT-OD-19-111 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts
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NIAID New Innovators Awards (DP2 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Fri, 06/07/2019 - 00:24
Funding Opportunity PAR-19-296 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. The NIAID New Innovator Awards supports post-doctoral and early stage investigators of exceptional creativity who propose highly innovative bold new research with the potential to produce a major impact on broad, important problems in biomedical research of priority to NIAID. Applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds and in any topic relevant to the mission of NIAID are welcome.
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Notice of NICHD's Participation in PAR-19-215, "Team-Based Design in Biomedical Engineering Education (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)"

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 11:12
Notice NOT-HD-19-016 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts
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Pediatric Cardiac Genomics Consortium (U01 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 07:45
Funding Opportunity RFA-HL-20-015 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. The purpose of this funding opportunity announcement (FOA) is to invite applications to participate as a Research Center in the Pediatric Cardiac Genomics Consortium (PCGC) ( The PCGCs mission is to identify genetic causes of human congenital heart disease (CHD) and to relate genetic variants in patients with CHD to clinical outcomes through collaborative, multi-center studies. The PCGC fosters investigation along the translational spectrum of CHD research through interactions with Cardiovascular Development Data Resource Center (CDDRC, previously the Cardiovascular Development Consortium) and the Pediatric Heart Network (PHN). Together, they constitute the Bench to Bassinet Program ( (B2B). Sites not currently part of the PCGC are encouraged to apply and propose new directions for the consortium.
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Cardiovascular Developmental Biology Data Resource Center (U01 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 07:44
Funding Opportunity RFA-HL-20-017 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. The objective of this FOA is to support the development of the Data Resource Center for the basic science component of the NHLBI Bench to Bassinet (B2B) Program. The goal of the Data Resource Center is to accelerate discovery of genetic etiology and biologic pathways associated with cardiovascular development and congenital heart disease by facilitating access to and querying of annotated data from cardiovascular development studies.
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Early-Stage Preclinical Validation of Therapeutic Leads for Diseases of Interest to the NIDDK (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 00:19
Funding Opportunity PAR-19-294 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. The goal of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to support translational research that provides strong justification for later-phase therapeutics discovery and development efforts in health-related outcomes relevant to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. This includes outcomes relevant to obesity, diabetes and related aspects of endocrinology and metabolism, digestive diseases, liver diseases, nutrition, kidney and urological diseases, and hematology. Additional information concerning programmatic areas at NIDDK is available a and applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss research priorities with the Scientific Contact.
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Interpersonal Processes in Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias Clinical Interactions and Care Partnerships (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 10:43
Funding Opportunity RFA-AG-20-006 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. The goal of this initiative is to support research that can lead to the development of interventions for optimizing communication among patients, caregivers, and health care practitioners, and for preserving strong and supportive caregiving relationships throughout disease progression along the continuum of care for people with AD/ADRD. To these ends, basic research and translational research is solicited in two high-priority areas: (1) effective communications and relationships among patients, healthcare practitioners, and caregivers; and (2) associations between close relationship processes and health in caregiving relationships.
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Biology of Aging in Reproductive Tissues (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 10:08
Funding Opportunity RFA-AG-20-036 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites research applications addressing cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate aging of the reproductive tissues, including the gonadal niche, in gonads, reproductive accessory organs, and reproductive neuroendocrine system. This FOA will accept basic mechanistic studies in human subjects and vertebrate animals. Research supported by this initiative should enhance knowledge of mechanisms that regulate aging of the reproductive system.
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Mechanistic Studies of Gene-Environment Interplay in Dental, Oral, Craniofacial, and Other Diseases and Conditions (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 10:00
Funding Opportunity PAR-19-292 from the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. This FOA is intended to foster research towards a better understanding of the biological mechanisms of gene-environment interplay in human diseases and conditions. Through this FOA, the NIDCR and NIEHS solicit applications that use animal models, in vitro systems, or ex vivo approaches to conduct mechanistic investigation of the interplay of genes/gene networks and environmental factors in dental, oral, craniofacial, and other diseases and conditions.
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