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SpaceX carries out first commercial launch

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 16:55

SpaceX carried out its first commercial launch on Thursday with its Falcon Heavy rocket tasked with placing a Saudi satellite in orbit. The bright white rocket rose with a mighty roar and spewed thick gray smoke on the ground as it made its way up into clear blue skies over Cape Canaveral, Florida. The rocket exerts 5.1 million pounds of thrust -- that of more than a dozen jetliners, SpaceX said.

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Thousands of Amazon employees call on CEO Jeff Bezos to tackle climate change

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 16:46

More than 5,000 Amazon workers called on founder and CEO Jeff Bezos to tackle climate change in the latest example of tech workers rallying to change company policies from within. Within a day of posting an open letter to Bezos and the company's board of directors to implement a company-wide plan to combat climate change, 5,237 Amazon employees signed the document, which was posted to Medium on Wednesday. "Amazon has the resources and scale to spark the world’s imagination and redefine what is possible and necessary to address the climate crisis.

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SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket launches Arabsat-6A as its first commercial payload

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 16:35

More than a year after SpaceX sent its Falcon Heavy rocket on a majestic test launch, the second Falcon Heavy put a satellite in orbit today for its first customer. Back in February 2018, the test payload was SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster with a mannequin nicknamed Starman in the driver’s seat. This time around, the payload was the 13,200-pound Arabsat-6A satellite, which is destined to go into geostationary orbit to provide telecommunications services to the Middle East, Africa and Europe through the Saudi-led Arabsat consortium. Liftoff! — SpaceX (@SpaceX) April 11, 2019 Woohoo SpaceX. Go go go!… Read More

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Officer, suspect hurt in shooting at South Carolina hospital

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 16:28

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A shooting inside a South Carolina hospital on Thursday left both a police officer and the suspected gunman wounded, authorities said, in what was the second shooting inside a hospital in the state in two days.

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Uber CEO’s Message in His IPO Letter: ‘I Won’t Be Perfect’

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 16:18

“Facebook was not originally created to be a company,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote in his. Uber Technologies Inc., which filed paperwork Thursday for what could be among the 10 biggest U.S. IPOs of all time, had a different message from someone who wasn’t around until much later in the company’s life. The Uber letter was written by Dara Khosrowshahi, who was hired as chief executive officer in 2017 after a string of controversies forced the co-founder out.

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SpaceX is going to try to launch its Falcon Heavy yet again – watch it live here

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 16:04

It's been a rough week for the folks at SpaceX. The second-ever launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket was supposed to happen on Sunday, and then again on Tuesday, and yet again on Wednesday. Needless to say, none of those dates fit the bill, with most of the delays related to poor weather conditions.Now, SpaceX is hoping that the fourth time is the charm, and it has another launch window scheduled for today at 6:35 p.m. EST. As before, the launch could take place at any time over a window of about three hours, but if SpaceX does indeed manage to launch its massive rocket today you'll be able to watch it live right here.The YouTube window below will go live shortly before the launch window opens, assuming SpaceX doesn't push it back at the last minute. As usual, the live stream will include commentary from SpaceX staff, along with details about the mission and status of the spacecraft. made headlines early last year with the first-ever launch of the Falcon Heavy, and the successful return of two of its three boosters was a stunning sight. That mission was more of a test than anything else, with head man Elon Musk deciding to send his own Tesla as the rocket's payload.This time around, SpaceX has a paying customer it needs to please. Arabsat needs SpaceX to send its Arabsat-6A communications satellite into Earth orbit, and SpaceX wants to make good on its promise that the Falcon Heavy can fulfill a commercial need. With only one successful Falcon Heavy launch under its belt, SpaceX would rather not have to delay this second flight again, but safety is a top priority.High wind speeds far above the ground were responsible for derailing yesterday's launch, and we won't know for sure whether things are calm enough for a launch until SpaceX makes the call. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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Oh, brother! NASA twins study shows how space changes the human body

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 15:58

Both are now retired as NASA astronauts, and Mark is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona. Scott Kelly during the flight experienced thickening of the carotid artery and retina, weight loss, shifts in gut microbes, reductions in cognitive abilities, DNA damage, changes in gene expression, and a lengthening of the ends of chromosomes called telomeres, scientists said.

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U.S. EPA chief defends big energy projects, says climate not top priority

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 15:58

President Donald Trump is seeking to boost domestic fossil fuels production over the objections of Democrats and environmentalists concerned about pollution and climate change. "We started working on it in advance, so we hope to have something out soon," EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in an interview. Based on Trump’s orders, Wheeler's EPA has been tasked with clarifying a section of the U.S. Clean Water Act that has allowed states like New York and Washington to delay projects in recent years.

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Israeli spacecraft fails to land intact on moon, dashing hopes of making history

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 15:44

The lander named Beresheet (“In the beginning” in Hebrew)  was attempting to become the first privately funded mission to land on the moon.

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Uber's Executives Have Big Payouts Riding on a $120 Billion Value Target

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 15:39

Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi and at least four other executives received equity awards that won’t vest until the company reaches that threshold, Uber disclosed Thursday in its registration statement. Khosrowshahi, for example, left stock options worth about $184 million when he departed Expedia Inc. in 2017 to take over the ride-hailing firm. Companies commonly grant new awards to externally hired executives to make them whole, on top of their regular compensation packages.

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Here's Why You Should Have a Doctor Check Out That Cough, Even If You Think It's Allergies

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 15:27

If you struggle with seasonal allergies - and the portion of the population that does is only growing - you probably dread the start of Spring. As beautiful as it can be, the influx of pollen from trees, grasses, and more can swiftly trigger symptoms in your nose, eyes, and throat.

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This Inflatable City Imagines What Life Would Be Like on the Moon

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 15:19

Architecture firm SOM takes a stab at lunar life.

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Marijuana may improve women's enjoyment of sex

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 15:15

Marijuana use has been on the rise among U.S. adults as a growing number of states pass laws legalizing it for medical and recreational purposes, researchers note in Sexual Medicine. Although marijuana is thought to act on the cannabinoid receptor in the brain, which is involved in sexual function, little research to date has examined the drug's impact on sexual health, the study team notes. Overall, 127 women, or 34 percent, reported using marijuana before sexual activity.

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Trump's Space Force collides with skeptical Congress

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 15:10

The Space Force that President Donald Trump wants to launch ran headlong on Thursday into skeptical lawmakers who questioned the need for a stand-alone military wing. Trump has insisted that a separate branch of military is needed to focus on protecting satellites, tackling vulnerabilities in space, and asserting US dominance in orbit. Under a Pentagon proposal, the Space Force would be established as its own branch of the military but would fall under the Air Force, similar to how the Navy oversees the Marine Corps.

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Italy's Motown Opens Its Roads to Autonomous-Vehicle Testing

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 15:10

Self-driving cars are in the works even in Turin, at the heart of the Old World.

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Glaciers are losing billions and billions of tons of ice each year

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 15:08

In a new study published in Nature, researchers say that 390 billion metric tons of ice and snow from glaciers are melting globally every year. Over the last half century, melting from glaciers have also caused the earth's oceans to rise one inch. Meanwhile the warming oceans have expanded, amounting to over 9 inches, on average, in total sea level rise.

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After a 600% Rally, 'King of Deals' Prepares for Post-Smartphone Future

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 15:00

In 2015, the head of Japan’s Minebea Mitsumi Inc. was on a bullet train heading to a city northwest of Tokyo when he realized the chief of a potential acquisition target was onboard. “We grabbed the 6A and 6B seats and hashed it out on our way to Karuizawa,” Kainuma said during an interview at the company’s Tokyo headquarters. Three months later, he closed the purchase of Nintendo Co. supplier Mitsumi Electric Co., leading to a surge in profits when the Switch console was introduced.

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NASA's 'Twins Study,' landmark research for an eventual Mars mission

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 14:58

A NASA study of a US astronaut who spent a year in space while his twin brother remained on Earth is providing valuable insights into the effects of extended spaceflight on the human body, a key to planning a future manned mission to Mars, researchers said Thursday. US astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year on the International Space Station while his identical twin Mark Kelly, also a former NASA astronaut, stayed on the ground. The researchers who carried out the "NASA Twins Study" found that most of the changes to Scott's body during his time in space returned to normal within months of his return to Earth -- although not all of them.

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Life in outer space: NASA studies health changes between astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly

Yahoo Science News feed latest items - Thu, 04/11/2019 - 14:38

Space travelers in movies may zip around the universe with no ill effects, but in reality we have no idea how humans will react to being in outer space for years on end.

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